About us

Kasperwyk Invest was founded in 2008 by Shmelevs family, that has moved to Estonia in 2004. Officially we live in Estonia since 2004, however we have a long history of travels to Estonia, in particular to the captains’ village – Käsmu. In 1967 Elena Shmeleva – the future mom of four brothers – was the first one to come to Käsmu for a vacation. Later three of these brothers together with other family members founded Kasperwyk Invest.

122_2204For many years our family lived in Käsmu over summer months and visited the village for holidays and short vacations. In 1970s-1980s Käsmu became a special vacation place for a group of professors and scientists from Russian Academy of Science, Moscow State University, and Saint Petersburg State University. Elena’s father Leonid Korniyenko, a well-known professor physicist of The Moscow State University, had been the life and the soul of the party.

In 1990s that united group of scientists fell apart, and the majority of visitors from Moscow and Saint Petersburg stopped coming to Käsmu. Only those who are truly in love with this wonderful place at northern Estonia still keep travelling to Käsmu. Our family is among them. About four years ago we started thinking of how to revive tourism to Käsmu from Russia. There are many factors that favor our initiative: border proximity; convenient transportation between the two countries (by plane, by train, or by car); and what’s most important, the goodwill of the local citizens towards tourists from Russia. When thinking of building our first guesthouse in Käsmu, we also considered opportunity to host tourists from the USA (primarily immigrants from Russia) and the EU.

In 2012 Kasperwyk Invest bought two land lots in Käsmu: one with an unfinished house at Põllu 19, another at Põllu 9 with a detailed plan for building two more guesthouses in the future. 

In summer 2013 our first house named  Guesthouse ‘Kimalane’ (which in Estonian means ‘bumblebee’ as well as our last name in Russian), started hosting guests from Russia. ‘Kimalane’ Guesthouse with four comfortable bedrooms (one on the first floor, three on the second), homely living room with a fireplace and a light large kitchen is a perfect house for a vocation for 8 people.  

Totally we plan to build four guesthouses at these two land lots so as we could host 25-30 guests simultaneously.

Welcome to our ‘Kimalane’ Guesthouse, here you will have a wonderful vocation with a family or friends in one of the most beautiful places of Estonia!