Käsmu and surroundings

KasmuKäsmu is a village in Lääne-Viru County in northern Estonia, on the territory of Lahemaa National Park. This ‘Captains’ village’ is located on the Käsmu Peninsula in the Gulf of Finland; and its population is 131 people.

kasmu2The earliest written records of a village in Käsmu date from 1453 where it is mentioned as Kesemo. In 1624 it got another name – Kaspervik. According to one legend, this name was given by a Swedish captain Kasper, who survived after a shipwreck and built a chapel in Käsmu.

The history of the village is closely related to the maritime history of Estonia. In 1697 the first ship was built here. All the way up to the 1920-s Käsmu had been the major place of large sailing ships construction. Some of boats from Käsmu even reached shores of America.

In 1884-1931 a maritime school operated in Käsmu. Over these years 1664 students graduated from the school; 64 of the graduates became sea captains. Since 1993 Käsmu Sea Museum (http://kasmu.ee/) operates in the former cordon building. We recommend visiting the museum to learn more about Käsmu history.

virufolkToday Käsmu is a popular place for a family recreation. It offers perfect conditions for swimming, horseback riding, tracking, biking, fishing, canoeing, and sailing. Every summer Käsmu celebrates various public holidays and hosts multiple festivals (e.g. Sea Day, Viking Day). On June 24 in Käsmu every year we celebrate one of the most beautiful and fun holidays of summer – Midsummer Day. Every August hundreds of tourists travel to Käsmu for a weekend of a folk music festival – Viru Folk (http://www.virufolk.ee/eng).